Why You Should Take A Hotel Staycation


If you’ve ever seen Bedtime Stories, then you know that one of the fun parts of traveling is simply the staying somewhere you’ve never been. A hotel staycation is just the ticket to rest and relaxation for the whole family — without the hassle and cost of travel time. A hotel staycation incurs a little cost for accommodations to stay in your own stomping grounds where you pursue vacation-type activities in an area you already know well.


Here are the reasons why everyone needs to take a staycation once in a while:


1. Taking a break from the city without breaking the bank


Honestly, it is way cheaper compared to flying or travelling out of town. We all have to admit that the transportation expenses are a huge bulk why we hesitate to take trips, as plane tickets are expensive. With staycations, you can take the train if it is within the metro or take buses, which are relatively cheaper.


2. Hotels usually have spa facilities


There is no greater joy than to be massaged at the comforts of your own room or after having a good hydrotherapy spa, you can go straight to your room with a view. Spa facilities in hotels usually offer a lot of choices. It’s just great because it is more convenient, and not to mention, posh. Totally an upgrade from the spa or massage places you regularly visit!


3. Recharge by hanging out in the pool or gym


It is such a refreshing experience to have a gym and/or a pool in your own home, albeit temporary. Regardless of how motivated we are to stay fit, the commute to and from work inhibits us from going to these places and drains our energy altogether. With just a press of the elevator’s button, you can go to the hotel pool to swim a few laps or do cardio exercises even on a vacation.


4. Bonding with Family or Friends over buffet breakfast


Give yourself and your entire family a break from the tedious and monotonous household chores by taking a staycation! Your mom would appreciate it if she’d be off duty from the kitchen and your dad would be glad if he’d have some new cuisines to try. Most hotels offer free buffet breakfast, take this chance to treat them the life they deserve and grab the opportunity to properly bond with them. Make memories, and happy ones at that!


5. Get to know the city you live in!


We often take advantage of the city we are staying at thinking that you will have the time eventually to explore. With new restaurants, shopping malls and hang out places popping from time to time, you just can’t visit all of them in one weekend! Doing ‘touristy things’ in the city you live in is actually fun as you’ll never really know what you’ll discover.


So, what are you waiting for? Plan a staycation with your family and friends! Don’t forget to bring your cameras with you!


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