How to Throw a Hotel Slumber Party


Most party plans start with a budget. The idea of reserving hotel rooms might sound like an expensive option, but as far as venues go, hotel rooms can cost just the same – sometimes even less – than other birthday party places. Consider, for example, the cost of renting a bounce facility or indoor jungle gym. The cost for a two-hour event is likely the same as the price of renting a hotel room for an entire night.


Choose a hotel with a swimming pool, and you have a pool party combined with a slumber party, all for the same price. Many hotels also offer free breakfast, which leaves you with only having to cover the cost of the evening meal or snacks and a birthday cake.


Consider making an in-person visit before booking the hotel, so you can be sure you have found a place that not only suits your wallet but is clean, well-appointed and safe for your party guests. Don’t simply book a room and show up with a group of kids ready to party. There may be rules and limits to what the hotel will allow you to do.


What the party host should bring


As the party host, you should bring extras of some items like towels, toiletries, flip flops, just in case anyone forgets something. In addition to that, you will need to supply:


▪ Food: plan ahead of time whether you will order room service, dine in the hotel restaurant or have pizza delivered to the room. If your room has a fridge and microwave or some kind of kitchenette, you can come up with other options; perhaps some tea sandwiches that can wait in the fridge while the kids swim, or a pasta dish made at home that can be reheated in the microwave. Another option is to cook something in a slow cooker and let it sit on a warm setting in the room. Remember you will need to also bring things like paper plates, bowls, utensils, napkins, snacks, and beverages. Since the party will be going late into the night, a late evening start time won’t limit the time for fun activities. Have guests come after dinnertime and provide plenty of snacks and a birthday cake, if you don’t want to serve a meal.


▪ Chaperons: in addition to the kids attending, you will need to provide enough adults to help chaperone the event. Parents will want to know their children are being accompanied in the hotel by a responsible person at all times.


▪ Items needed for activities: if you are planning to play games or make crafts, remember to pack and bring all necessary items.  If you want to show a movie bring a laptop and DVD.


▪ Favors: Even if the hotel provides sample products for you to use as favors, you will still need to place them in favor bags or tie them with decorative ribbon and set them up to be easily handed out to each guest.



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