Six Tips for Eating Dim Sum Like A Hong Kong Pro

Six Tips for Eating Dim Sum Like A Hong Kong Pro

The wise way to pick the dim sum restaurant is go to places that are filled with tables full of happy Chinese people. If there are lots of elderly people with their entire families in tow, the place gets extra points. When it comes to quality and value, you can’t fool the old folks. An expert shares her tips ands some rules on how to eat dim sum like a pro.


Pick Your Tea Before Anything Else

Of course dim sum goes with tea. Decide what you want to drink because that is the first thing your waitperson will ask, sometimes even before you’ve sat down. Jasmine? Green? Oolong? Black?


Peruse the Menu

The best dim sum restaurants will have listings of their dim sum, often with pictures, and you can order from that. Translations will vary from place to place, you will find illustrations in there, as well as the names of each dish in English, and Mandarin, along with the Chinese characters.


Nibble, don’t gobble

It’s easy to go crazy and fill up your table within five minutes, but don’t. Get one or two items at a time so that they are still hot when you eat them; this will also give you time to revel in their individual flavors and textures.


Take small bites rather than eat a whole piece of dim sum in one gulp. The flavors are enjoyed more when consumed slowly. With xiao long bao (delicate pork dumplings filled with a piping-hot broth), pick them up just a bit below the very tip, where the dumpling skin folds together. It's best to take small bites and let the dumpling cool a bit between bites.


Go easy on the soy sauce

Most kitchens prepare their dim sum seasoned, so you shouldn’t need extra, but it depends on how you like your food. Some like it saltier or spicier. Otherwise, dim sum should be well-seasoned on their own.


The spoon can be used for more than broth

It’s best to use your spoon to give better support—lay the bone on the spoon and maneuver with your chopsticks. Bite off the meatier parts first and eat your way around the bone. Afterward, you can dispose of the bone on your plate. Fine dining restaurants will help you change plates after each course.


Learn the secret codes

When you want to say thank you, tap your index finger and your middle finger together on the table twice. That represents a bow. And if you run out of tea or hot water for your table, move the teapot lid aside and the waiter will come and give you a refill.


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