Landmarks of Yangon from Jasmine Palace Hotel​

Jasmine Palace is located at the center of the city, conveniently close to the following attractionplaces.


Shwe Dagon Pagoda (2.9 km)

Landmark of Yangon, Holy place for Myanmar. Early morning (5 - 6 AM) is the best time to visit there and give your prayer. Shot some sunrise photos. Please enjoy them.


Yangon International Airport (11 km)

The airport where both domestic and international flights are landing. New terminal has been started operating while another new terminal is under the construction. Leave ample time (minimum 1 hour for the traffic jam) to go to the airport if you are travelling in the day time.


People's Park and Square (1.2 km)

You will see many senior citizens are playing Taiji in the square with the background of Shwe Dagon Pagoda. Recommend to go there at 5 or 6 AM early morning, jogging, walking and enjoying the golden view of Shwe Dagon in the cool breeze while listening to the soft music from Taiji recorder.


Independence Monument (5.7 km)

Located in the Maha Bandula Park, opposite to the Yangon City Hall and Sule Pagoda where

these three landmarks located as a triangle. The place is crowded with the people who are

spending their time for relaxation especially in the evenings and holidays.

Opening Hours: 7 AM ~ 7 PM


Sule Pagoda (5.5 km)

The starting point for the area where we call 6-mile, 7-mile and 9-mile areas. Being the

landmark of Yangon for over the decades, Sule Pagoda is a must-visit place when you come to Yangon.


Moon Bakery Restaurant, Pyay Road (300 m)

Better decoration than other branches. Chinese cuisine is delicious. Korean and Thai cuisines are also available. My favorite is its "Chocolate Frost". Recommend to go there if you are finding a decent place to have a family dinner with a wide variety of choices.

Opening Hours: 6:30 AM ~ 10 PM


Dagon Centre 2 Shopping Mall (750 m)

One of crowded places in Yangon and KFC and Pizza Company are there. Good to hang out with friends but not many quality goods are available there.

Opening Hours: 9 AM ~ 9 PM


Wa Tote Kyee Special BBQ Buffet (850 m)

You cannot see some of its menu at other BBQ Buffet restaurant, which is roasted duck and

roasted chicken. Ingredients are very fresh and my Mom was so surprised that they could

provide such kind of quality with very reasonable price. Hotpot with over 60 dishes have been added to the menu now.


It's best to go with friends or family than individual because they have a very special signature promotion called "3+1". It means if you need to pay only for 3 people if you come as 4.

Opening Hours: 11 AM ~ 9:30 PM


Junction Square Shopping Centre (1.1 km)

One of famous shopping malls in Yangon. Food, book shop, fancy shop, cosmetic shops,

clothing, jewellery, supermarket, a lot of franchise restaurants.

Opening Hours: 9 AM ~ 9 PM

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Jasmine palace hotel yangon myanmar
Jasmine palace hotel yangon myanmar