11 Hotel Features that Business Travelers Really Care About​

11 Hotel Features that Business Travelers Really Care About

In travel, the business segment accounts for almost a third of the entire industry’s valuation. Most business travelers have one thing in common: They sleep away from home. It may be twice a year, twice a month, or twice a week, but hotel accommodations are a major factor in business travel. It’s important for your home away from home to have certain features to keep you safe and comfortable and also create an environment where you can work or rest as you like. We’ve rounded up a list of hotel features some our business travelers say they prefer.

Fast, free, reliable internet
It should come as no great surprise that the number one requested hotel feature for business travelers is internet access. A study found that 55% of business travelers use in-room internet access for business purposes at least one hour a day. Further, 73% use Wi-Fi in common rooms. Not surprisingly either, the preference is that internet access is free and fast.

Business travelers want nothing more than a quick and painless check-in process after the hassle of traveling. Some hotels now offer online check-in with keyless room entry to meet this need. Desirable in-room technology includes keyless entry and an assortment of phone and laptop chargers. With the increasing number of millennial business travelers, hotels report that streaming services on TVs have become highly desirable so that guests can personalize their entertainment choices.

An Office-Away-From-the-Office
While leisure guests want a home away from home, business travelers want an office away from the office. The room should be conducive to office work, with good lighting, strategically placed power outlets, and comfortable seating. Lighting is especially important, and should be bright full spectrum especially near tables, chairs, and beds. The room needs to be quiet with soundproofing to protect from elevator, road or airport noise. In addition to comfortable working space in the private rooms, business travelers often need flexible meeting areas that offer space for small groups to collaborate. The property itself should have well-equipped business spaces with time-saving technology, and access to a printer is a must, whether this is part of a business center or allowing guests to utilize the front desk.

Convenient location
As with any real estate, a location is a prime hotel feature. Business travelers prefer to be close to where their meetings are so they don’t waste time and money on local travel and don’t have to worry about getting everywhere on time. They also need easy parking, access to mass transit, or limousine service so they can get to meetings without undue stress. It’s a plus if there are interesting things to do nearby the hotel – restaurants, entertainment venues, shopping. Whether you’re alone or are traveling with colleagues, after a full day of work it’s nice to have options besides being stuck in a room – however nice – miles from any diversion.

Transportation information
If there’s a big conference hall or trade fair venue in town, you can bet business travelers need a way to get there. Display travel options (including costs and departure times) between major travel hubs, your hotel, and any conference center. After all, they’re there to do business—getting to the location is important.

Nutritious breakfast offerings
Breakfast is a must for business travelers. You don’t want to waste valuable time looking for a coffee bar in the morning. They appreciate good-tasting, healthy breakfasts that are both quick and filling. Help them fuel up for the day with fruit, nuts, healthy cereals, juices, coffee, and tea—and offer to-go snacks and a bagged breakfast for those who don’t have time to sit down and eat.

Comfortable beds
After the hassle of traveling and the strains of working, business travelers need their sleep. Help them fall asleep faster by placing them in your rooms furthest from the busy street. Plush bedding and pillows made from all-natural fibers can help deliver a good night’s sleep. If your blankets are thin and synthetic, it may be time for an update that all guests will enjoy, including business travelers.

In-room amenities
Having upscale bath amenities in a hotel allows travelers to leave their own products at home. Ladies, especially, value a real hair dryer in a hotel room, not one mounted to the wall that you have to hold the button down to keep on. Other in-room amenities business travelers appreciate include bottled water, coffee makers and full-length mirrors. Thoughtful extras like stand up desks, and being able to easily sync devices to the TV really make a difference to the overall experience.

Quick turnaround dry cleaning
It's essential to the business traveler who needs to stay looking sharp throughout their stay. Especially if the weather is hot and humid. Expect business travelers to bring business or formal attire with them for corporate entertaining. These clothes get wrinkled inside their luggage and on flights. An iron and ironing board should be provided (one which is clean and does not ruin their clothes).

Hotel's relaxing facilities
To keep up your fitness routine, some form of workout facility, running route, or loaner bikes are welcome hotel features for business travelers. Some hotels are even designing sleeping rooms with fitness equipment options. And, of course, when you feel good, you want to look good, so garment pressing and shoeshine are services that business travelers often use. Business travelers also want good food from their hotels. Whether that’s a grab & go counter, a sports bar gathering place, healthy options or fine dining, you need to feed your brain and body well when working on the road.

Personalized experience
Travelers should consider what aspects of a hotel stay are important to them and pass this information on to their BCD booking agents. In the booking system, an agent can see which facilities and amenities are available at hotels, and most of the hotels are happy to give extra information or guidance. In addition, ask for what you want: Hotels are often willing to meet travelers’ requests.


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